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Click here to get FREE access to the three-video Deliverance from Demons series now!

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Richard Lewis

Richard D. Lewis is an author, journalist, and veteran of the U.S. Air Force. A graduate of the Defense Information School’s writing, broadcast, and public affairs programs, Richard joined the Air Force in 1987 and spent 10 years as a broadcast journalist stationed in Turkey, Utah, and Colorado. After his time serving in the Air Force, Richard worked in TV production in Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California. Creator of the award-winning Pentagon Channel TV newsmagazine Air Force Space Today, he has won multiple Telly and Thomas Jefferson Awards.

Upon completion of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner Course in 2003, Richard became a certified spiritual counselor by the California Board of Hypnotherapy. He is also a communicant member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in good standing. He is an active member of Ascension Lutheran Church in Torrance, California, where he participates in special choir and assists in worship services. He has also enjoyed fellowship with Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, and Church of Christ congregations, where he has delivered sermons, conducted song services, and led small group Bible studies.

Richard has been featured in Blackbelt Magazine, FILMINK, Rocket Magazine, Geek Monthly, Astro News, P3 Production Update, Space Country Times, AMC Theatres, AFN TV,, Campus Circle, The Pentagon Channel, Milsat Magazine, and Santa Maria Times among many others.

When not writing or watching the latest Dodgers game or professional boxing matches, Richard enjoys relaxing with his family in Gardena, California.

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Military Articles

Podcast Appearances

Jeff Mara Podcast

PARANORMAL CHRISTIAN UPDATE – Hey friends, check out my latest media appearance on the JeffMara Podcast video #569, where we talk about the paranormal as it relates to the Bible. We get into everything from NDEs, to Life Reviews and the Akashic Records – Jeff even asks, “Is God an E.T.?” Check it out! 

Ghostly Talk Podcast

Richard D. Lewis joins us to talk about Christianity and the paranormal. Richard combines his skill as a journalist along with his personal spiritual journey and those of others to correlate mysterious phenomena and the biblical worldview.

Authentic Talks with Shanta

Shanta speaks with Richard D. Lewis, Author of The Paranormal Christian. Richard is here to share that those supernatural experiences you have had may not be what you have been told you entire life. What we have been taught to fear, those true experiences that you rarely

Closer to Venus

New podcast available Friday, August 5th!

Haunted Happenings

In his new book “The Paranormal Christian Book II: The Quickening”, Richard examines paranormal phenomena through the lens of the Bible, including out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, spirit communication with loved ones, encounters with angels, ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, and extraterrestrial beings.

Hero Paranormal

A mystical exploration of paranormal phenomena through the lens of the bible.

We talk Skinwalkers, Aliens, UAPs, Angels, Demons, and the amazing work by George Knapp, Colm Kelleher, and Robert Bigelow to name a few of the subjects covered.

Christian Paranormal

I was recently interviewed on the Christian Paranormal podcast!

Jim Harold's The Other Side

Listen to my recent interview on The Other Side with Jim Harold

Episode 279
The Paranormal Christian

Realm of The Supernatural

Episode 196 – The Paranormal Christian

Paranormal Almanac

Richard D Lewis, author of The Paranormal Christian: bridging the gap between unusual experiences and the biblical worldview.

Coast to Coast #1

In this edition of “Connie Claus’s” Christmas Eve show, guest host Connie Willis welcomed author Richard D. Lewis. Known as the “Paranormal Christian,” Lewis discussed the true meaning of Christmas by connecting the dots with the paranormal in with the Bible, prophecy, and the birth of Jesus.

Outer Realm Radio Show

The Outer Realm Welcomes Richard D. Lewis – The Paranormal Christian. This lively discussion covered all manner of mysteries and drew nearly three million listeners in the first night alone.

Coast to Coast #2

In the first half, author and journalist Richard D. Lewis discussed his exploration of paranormal phenomena through the lens of the Bible and church history, touching on such topics as ghosts, UFOs, demons, alien abduction, and reincarnation. He recounted how he was abducted by a stranger when he was a child, and at just the right moment, he heard an inner voice telling him to run. He believes the voice was a divine miracle that allowed him to escape, and set him on a path of spiritual awareness. On the subject of demons, Lewis concluded they likely exist, but their threat is minimal to most people.

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